Why Fraud Management Matters

Everyone's responsible for themselves, and this is an expensive problem.

Fraud Management's Biggest Myth


Hint: Nobody is safe and thinking about fraud too late will hurt your business.

Building a Strong System


Internally and externally, there are measures you can take to help yourself and the community.

An eBook from the SuperRewards Fraud Management Team

We pride ourselves on top-quality customer service and go the extra mile to ensure that our customers enjoy industry-leading fraud management services. Our team monitors fraud 24/7 and keep in close contact with you so that you're never caught off-guard by attacks.

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24 Pages Of Best Practices

The Virtual Currency Fraud Primer

A free ebook primer on top notch fraud managment in your games and apps.


Human & Technical Elements

We break down design and process decisions you should consider to prevent fraud in your apps.


Delivering Top Notch Prevention

You and your vendors should work together to deliver users and a safe and rewarding experience.

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An invaluable guide to fraud management

In this digital age, cybercrime and online fraud is rampant. Smart developers simply cannot ignore this any longer, and must prepare their apps and games for the challenges that operating in today's marketplace present. This resource will show you how to prepare for that task effectively.

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